Sep 13
6:30p Virtual Senior Parent Night
Virtual Senior Parent Night

Thursday, September 24
6:30p - 7:30p
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Fall Planning          
The Bellevue School District is committed to keeping our learning community informed. The health and well-being of our students, staff, and community are a top concern. Check the district website for updated information:



ISPTSA Executive Committee 2020-2021 

President: Azfar Moazzam 
Secretary: Ann Ross-Clarke
Treasurer 1: Tony Wang
Treasurer 2: Zena Heywood
VP of CommunicationsOPEN
VP of Community: Melissa Richardson
VP of Fundraising: Emilie Castle
VP of Outreach: Beverly Ni
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 Let’s RAISE THE TORCH for IS as we begin a new school year!  
This year is going to be different, but we all want to support the good work that is happening at International School. 
Thank you to the 10 families who helped kickstart the campaign through generous donations made during the ISPTSA membership process. We’ve already raised nearly $1,250 toward our goal! We’re just getting started.
We invite all families to participate in this campaign, because your contribution—no matter the amount—makes a difference! We ALL benefit from the community, academic excellence, and reputation our students were fortunate to join. This is our chance to give back and benefit from that legacy.  
Choose a support level that works for you: Gold $500, Silver $250, Bronze $100, or define your own amount. For those families who can, we ask you to consider becoming a Titan Torch supporter with a donation of $1,000 or more. 
All donations to the Fall Fundraiser you give today are tax-deductible and 100% go back to the community through:
  • Curriculum enrichment through teacher grants and supplies, teacher training, math support, art supplies, band/orchestra/choir grants, French intern, library books, Makerspace supplies, PE equipment & more.
  • Student activities such as the 6th-grade & HS retreats, HS play, graduation activities, computer club & more.
  • YES counselor, scholarships, staff appreciation, communication tools, community-building events & more.
Still need to join the ISPTSA or renew your annual membership? You can become a member and make your donation in the same transaction. 
Click here to join.
Prefer to write a check? Fill out this donation form and mail it back to the ISPTSA. 
Questions? Please contact  
Thank you for your support! 



Here is my membership report as submitted to the ISPTSA Board on 9/3/20:

  • The current Membership is 94 members. The breakdown is 81 parent/guardian members, 12 student members, 1 teacher. At this time last year, based on B2B, we had over 200 members.
  • Our membership drive runs from July 1, 2020 to Feb 28, 2021. We need 538 members to reach100% membership. Last year, we reached 100% membership in both members and teachers/staff. I am having a “discussion” with state PTA membership that PTAs that get 100% are basically non-existent to any PTA membership growth lists for the following year. My discussion is that ANY PTA that can conceivably get 100% membership, which is a rarity, should be allowed to have their growth number start from “0,” so that they can be on the growth lists as they go to 100% again. This would be a great benefit for the PTAs that have worked hard for the 100%.
  • All board members have been entered into Memberplanet and should receive any leadership news from the state PTA. Almost all board members have renewed their memberships.

Respectfully submitted
Meribeth Nordloef-Pedersen

P.S. Our board meetings are super-efficient and last one hour. Think about joining the board and you won’t be bored.



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With recommendations from several other Bellevue schools and sports teams, the ISPTSA uses the opt-in service via to send day-before reminder texts for events. 

Simply sign up here and provide your phone number to receive texts. There's no need to download the app, unless you prefer to, and you can leave the service anytime, if you don't find it useful. 

Sample text: "PTSA General Meeting & Pasta Dinner, tomorrow night 10/10 at 6:00pm. See you there!" would be scheduled to go out on 10/9 at 10:00 AM.

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Coming Soon

The 2020-2021 ISPTSA Directory should be available by mid-October. Stay tuned!

*Note: we get directory information from Bellevue School District's Synergy/ParentVUE system. If we don't have your data, it's likely that either you chose to be exempt from inclusion in directory listings, or you have not completed the online student data verification process.



Volunteer Opportunities
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IS and the ISPTSA are currently seeking the following volunteers:
  • On-call Volunteers, current school year