Our 2018-2019 ISPTSA Board

President: Ching Guo
Secretary: Zena Heywood
Treasurer 1: Beverly Ni
Treasurer 2:  Kishore Karanam
VP of Community: Liying Tan & Qiong Chen
VP of Communications: Li Wu
VP of Outreach: Meribeth Nordloef-Pedersen
The following positions are open: 
VP of Fundraising
Here are descriptions of the positions.  If you are interested in these positions, please contact Ching Guo; president-elect@isptsa.org

Congrats to Golden Acorn Winners

Our 2018 Golden Acorn Winners are Sally Fouche and Sue Bentsen.

President's Message
It has been a truly wonderful year leading the ISPTSA. I would like to thank the members of our terrific board who worked hard and accomplished much to support the academic success of our students; Ching Guo, Amy Frei, Li Wu, Stephanie Winkler-Hadley, Sylvia Abrahamsson, Bev Ni, Michelle Lee, Janice Zahn, Joanie Chang, Betsy Johnson, Tara Jones, Sara Wollack and Paul Manfredi. A heartfelt thanks to Michelle Surkan, who waited patiently for the president message to come in late Sunday night, and consistently published the Monday Messenger September through June.  
Thanks to the administration; Tara Gray, Liz Vandenberghe, Carol Ann Yamamoto, Katherine Parkin, Robin Moore, Sally Fouche, Michele Dang, Jill Follett, Melinda Breeze, and Stephanie Schuele for working with PTSA to create great programs, work through financials, and be supportive of PTSA. Thanks to Patty Lydon, Kitchen Manager, who worked with our PTSA to try out new ideas and supported our events nutritionally. Thanks to our custodians; Gamage and Dennis for their wonderful support oafter-hours hours events and our Campus Improvement day with the firetruck. Thanks to all the teachers and staff that took on the challenge to write grants, suggest changes, think of new ideas for the school, we love innovation! 
Thanks to the people that volunteered their time for PTSA events and contributed financially to PTSA to ensure that we can continue to support the academic success of each and every student at IS now and next year. Thanks to every PTSA member that believed in our goal of 100% membership. We did it and we will continue to do it. Thanks to my husband, Matt who is a super fan and supporter, and my two kids; Tessa and Alex who let me take the time to be a part of this school’s success. Finally, I want to give a special thanks to all of the students for supporting IS by working hard, having fun, and making International the best school in Bellevue. 
I look forward to continuing on the board in another role and seeing the results of our hard work next year.
Thank you for your support,
Meribeth Nordloef-Pedersen
ISPTSA President 2017-2018“Community Creates Success at IS”

 Congratulations to our Communications Team for the award-winning Monday Messenger. 

Its a must read for IS Parents and the Washington State PTA has awarded us a silver award.


 Community Creates Success at IS!




The PTSA would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who attended and volunteered at the auction last Friday and made it a memorable evening. We hope everyone enjoyed the night mingling with friends new and old while raising money for our school and children. A big thank you goes out to Meribeth Nordloef-Pedersen for organizing the event, to Joanie Chang for her procurement efforts, and to Betsy Johnson for hosting the live auction.


 Final Donations for the 2017-2018 Year

All donations raised as part of this fundraising effort directly pay for 2018-2019 curriculum enhancement, student activities support, and so much more. While we raised 62% of our goal at the auction, we need your continued support to help us keep these benefits next year. If you did not attend the Auction, please take this opportunity to provide your financial assistance to these wonderful programs!  Click here to donate http://isptsa.org/Packet/Donation



Questions? contact president@isptsa.org.



Campus Improvement Day-May 5th a success and a surprise

At our 2nd Annual Campus Improvement Day, over 25 volunteers came to collect garbage, trim plants, spread bark along the driveway, power wash the front entry and courtyard, hang and measure door shades and then came the surprise. The fire alarm rang, people, exited the school and the fire trucks came. It turns out that a fault in the dry sprinkler system set it off. 


We all finished up by about 12 noon and completed a great community project. 




A Big Thank you to each and every PTSA member of our IS Community. We reached the goal of 100% March 1st, 2018. What this goal means is that for 565 students, each and every student at IS is supported and cheered on for their success by a PTSA member. As a unique choice school in the Bellevue School District, we are showing the community that "Community Creates Success at IS". We reached 100% staff membership too. We will be taking 2018-2019 memberships after July 1st.  Please remember to renew.

 Any questions, please contact Joanie Chang at  membership@isptsa.org.

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The 2017-2018  ISPTSA Directory is now available online via DirectorySpot.  Download the app, available for Iphones and Android devices, and you will always have the directory with you..  You can also access the directory from your computer at Directoryspot.net.  For those of you who cannot part with paper, there is an option to self-print a copy of the directory using downloadable PDFs.  Please send mail to vpcommunications@isptsa.org to get a link to sign in.  
Want to help with the website - We are looking for a co-website editor who can learn the ropes this year and be the lead next year.  No previous web experience is required, less than 1 hour per week.  Contact Betsy Johnson at betsygpj@hotmail.com
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Aug 1
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