Aug 18
3:00p Mini back to business
Mini back to business

Wednesday, August 21
3:00p - 6:00p
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A Message from ISPTSA President Azfar Moazzam 

Dear International School Families,
Welcome to the 2019-2020 academic year. 
My name is Azfar Moazzam, and I am the incoming president for the International School PTSA for 2019-2020 academic year. We have two children at International School in grades 8 and 10. This is our third year as proud International School parents and my second year with ISPTSA. We have a super engaged set of IS parents on the PTSA board that is eager to start the new academic year with us.
Whether you are a new or returning IS family, you know how special a place we have at International School. We are fortunate to have our children attend the #1 High School in Washington State and #20 in the nation. Credit goes to our students, teachers, staff, and you, our families. We believe in fostering an intellectually engaging, creative, and supportive environment for everyone in our community. We wouldn’t have this recognition without the awesome community we have here at International School. 
As you attend Back-to-Business Day this week, you will see our community come together and get ready for the year ahead. You will see parent volunteers, staff, teachers, and students come together, anticipating a fun and learning-filled year ahead. You will see ample opportunities to engage and enrich IS and our community. 
Please stay connected and informed by using all the International School resources, including the school website, the weekly Monday Messenger from ISPTSA, and the ISPTSA website for important dates and information. There are applications from Bellevue School District that you will find useful. ParentVue and apParent have been invaluable resources for us as parents. 
ISPTSA holds and supports several events such as the ISPTSA General Assembly meetings, Parent Coffee sessions, Class events, and our Annual Spring Social. Please join us by becoming a member of the ISPTSA and financially supporting these programs and more through your tax-deductible donation during our upcoming Fall Fundraiser, which will kick-off at the beginning of the school year. 
You can join the ISPTSA and support these programs by clicking here and joining online, or by printing out this form to fill out and turn in to the ISPTSA on one of the Back-to-Business Days (or in the school office at another time).
The success of our school and our students depends on your participation in the events and volunteer opportunities that exist at IS. Please consider sharing your time with us by volunteering at the school. Your time, energy, and contributions will keep IS at the top, and you will get to know a lot more about what goes on in your child(ren)’s school. You can review and sign up for volunteer opportunities here.
Welcome to the 2019-2020 academic year. I look forward to meeting you in person in the coming weeks.
Azfar Moazzam
2019-2020 ISPTSA President 


Volunteer Opportunities 

Please help 
where and when
you can!


IS and the ISPTSA are currently seeking volunteers:
  • Chaperones for High School Retreat—9/5–9/6
  • On-call Volunteers

Click here to learn more and sign up.


Award-winning e-blast Monday Messenger 

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With recommendations from several other Bellevue schools and sports teams, the ISPTSA uses the opt-in service via to send day-before reminder texts for events. 

Simply sign up here and provide your phone number to receive texts. There's no need to download the app, unless you prefer to, and you can leave the service anytime, if you don't find it useful. 

Sample text: "PTSA General Meeting & Pasta Dinner, tomorrow night 10/10 at 6:00pm. See you there!" would be scheduled to go out on 10/9 at 10:00 AM.

Concerned about privacy? Click here.

Questions? Contact Li Wu,


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The 2018-2019 ISPTSA Directory is now available online via DirectorySpot. Download the app, available for iPhones and Android devices, and you will always have the directory with you. You can also access the directory from your computer at For those of you who cannot part with paper, there is an option to self-print a copy of the directory using downloadable PDFs. Please see this page for more details.

*Note: we get directory information from Bellevue School District's Synergy/ParentVUE system. If we don't have your data, it's likely that either you chose to be exempt from inclusion in directory listings, or you have not completed the online student data verification process.


ISPTSA Board 2019-2020 

President: Azfar Moazzam 
Secretary: Zena Heywood
Treasurer 1: Tony Wang
Treasurer 2: Nancy Chung
VP of Communications: Li Wu
VP of Community: Qiong Chen & Rachel An
VP of Fundraising: Dori Kelleran
VP of Outreach: Meribeth Nordloef-Pedersen & Beverly Ni
The following position is open:  
This position is a training position for president and will serve as president if the current president is unable to attend meetings or events. If you are interested, please contact Zena Heywood