The International School PTSA is sponsoring the Reflections Art competition this year. The theme is "Within Reach." Applications and official rules for any of the 6 categories; Visual Art, Photography, Literature, Musical Composition, Dance Choreography and Film Production will be available in a poster board by the front entrance.

Deadline for submittals is December 4th in the main office. 

Online rules can be obtained at Reflection Rules. A registration form for International can be obtained here

International School PTSA submittals regularly go onto State competition. Last year, Felicity Huang received the State Award of Excellence for her art "Maze Traveler". This is a great opportunity for students to express themselves artistically following a theme. Judging is based on the following: Interpretation of Theme (20 pts.), Creativity (10 pts.), Technique (10 pts.).

For more information, please contact Reflection chair Josephine Anderson at

Thank You! We look forward to seeing those submissions!

 Deadline for submissions will be in December 4, 2017.