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Thank you to all who have volunteered -- we appreciate you taking the time to invest in our kids and our community!



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 *Bite of IS:
Food, Craft & Entertainment Volunteers
February 28 See below 
ISPTSA Nominating Committee
March–Mid-April See below 
*On-call Volunteers
current school year 
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*Remember that you need to have completed background check with the Bellevue School District in order to help in the classrooms, with special events or teacher needs, school events, and field trips. Renewal will be needed every three years and your approved volunteer status will now be linked to Synergy/ParentVUE. Find out more about the new BSD volunteer verification system here.



ISPTSA Nominating Committee Needs Your Help!
The ISPTSA needs 3-4 people to be on its Nominating Committee. Not sure how a nominating committee works? You can find the details here. In a nutshell, the Nominating Committee contacts potential candidates to fill next year’s volunteer openings—either by phone, email, or in-person—with the purpose of describing the volunteer position and asking if the person would be willing to consider filling the position.  
The ideal nominating committee member is one who is friendly, outgoing, and has lots of connections. Please consider joining the Nominating Committee. It is very likely the most influential committee and has a huge impact on future years at International. The time commitment is a few hours per week from March through mid-April. 
If you have any interest or additional questions, please contact VPOutreach@isptsa.org.


Bite of IS 2020 
Join the International School community at our annual Bite of IS fundraiser on Friday, February 28, from 6:00–8:00 PM in the IS Gym!
This year, all proceeds will benefit Water First International, a non-profit organization helping people in poor countries implement water, sanitation, and hygiene-education projects.
Ticket: $10 per person (suggested donation)
Tickets can be purchased in advance at the front office or at the door on the day of the event.
For more info, contact Arty Christianto or parent coordinator Josephine Anderson.
Volunteers Needed for Bite of IS 2020 
We are seeking Food, Crafts, and Entertainment Volunteers for our annual Bite of IS on Friday, February 28! This event can't happen without strong community support. We need volunteers to bring food, crafts, and/or entertainment reflecting a country, region, or heritage. 
Each booth host will receive one ticket for the event. 




What could you expect to do as a Bellevue Schools Foundation Ambassador?
Enable the Bellevue Schools Foundation to establish and maintain two-way conversations between your unique school community and the Foundation.
Help your school's parents & teachers access BSF programming by:
Help BSF educate parents about donation opportunities by:
  • Putting out signs and information to promote the All in for Kids/Click-a-Thon campaign
  • Distributing information about ways that BSF supports your school in your newsletters, social media, at PTSA meetings, and at school events
  • Talking to parents and staff at the school to promote the Foundation
  • Helping to coordinate tables at Spring for Schools
This open communication ensures that the Foundation is working to fulfill the needs of your school through its funding priorities, and that your school is aware of the programs and initiatives the Foundation funds. The more that the Foundation is aware of what is happening in your school, the better job it can do of supporting you. The more your parents know about the Foundation, the more likely they are to donate. 
The Bellevue Schools Foundation is in need of an IS ambassador. This is a great opportunity to be involved in our school and community. If interested or just want to learn more, please contact carmen@bsfdn.org.


On-call Volunteers 
ISPTSA is routinely asked, sometimes last minute, by our school for volunteers to help out at events. To facilitate our response, we have created a new volunteer category called on-call volunteer. This is not a fixed commitment; we will reach out to you when we have an urgent need to fill, and you can respond if you can help. Having your name on this list does not obligate you to volunteer at any time.
Please consider adding your name to our on-call volunteer list! You can reach our sign-up here. We ask that you sign in for security reasons, and the "on-call volunteer" choice is the second one from the bottom of the page.
Questions? Contact volunteer@isptsa.org