Be a part of our community with PTSA membership

Thanks to everyone who became a PTSA member last year and helped us receive the award for 100% membership, but really, we should have received an award for creating a community of caring supporters of IS. Our goal this year is to reach 100% Membership in PTSA of our IS community. That means we need 580 PTSA members. How does it work? Simple, we need one member for every student. We did it last year, let’s do it this year too.
Renew your membership with ISPTSA through this online link, or print out this form and bring it to Back to Business Day. ISPTSA will be there—with coffee and treats—to renew memberships and accept donations to our Fall Campaign. 
If you are interested in helping out membership at IS, please contact Meribeth,
Meribeth Nordloef-Pedersen
ISPTSA VP of Outreach
“Community Creates Success at IS”