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ISPTSA Committees Chair Email Committee Description
Fundraising Committees      
Co-VPs Fundraising
Phil Bloch
Gang Chen Responsible for working with volunteers to organize and manage the Fall and Spring Fundraising campaigns to meet budget revenue goals.
Social - Spring Fundraising Event OPEN   Plans, promotes and executes main IPSTSA fundraiser held in the spring. Committee kicks off in the fall. Procurement, marketing, event management volunteers needed.
Box Tops Fundraising Programs OPEN   Box Tops for Education is an easy way for the PTSA to earn funds by turning in Box Top labels found on many types of food packaging from cereal to soup. Coordinators promote program and process Box Top on website.
Grants Committee      
Grants Committee Chair Edward Chung Solicits and awards ISPTSA grants to International School staff and community members.
 Position 1 Masako Tamura  
 Position 2 Emilie Castle  
 Position 3 Vera Ho  
 Position 4 Monette Anderson  
 Position 5 Qiang Zeng  
Outreach Committees      
VP Outreach
Melissa Richardson Recruits Committee Chairs, oversees committee activities and events.
PTSA Council Liaison Melissa Richardson   The Bellevue PTSA provides a monthly member meeting usually on the first Monday a month, 9:30-11:30am. The PTSA council meetings provide local unit representatives the opportunity to hear from and talk with district administrators and with one another and to receive information of interest to the students, families, and PTSA units in the Bellevue School District. The Liaison provides an in-person or written report to the ISPTSA board during scheduled board meetings.
BSF Ambassador Renuka Getchell   Liaison to the Bellevue School Foundation. Helps promote Bellevue Schools Foundation events and fundraising to IS Community. Contact: Carmen Brenner
Advocacy Chair OPEN Keeps IS community informed about national, state, and local education issues, policies and legislation.
Membership Chair
Meribeth Nordloef-Pedersen
(interim) Works with the ISPTSA Board to create membership campaign.  Tracks membership with School pages and PT Avenue.
Volunteer Coordinator OPEN Works with other committees to assess volunteer needs. Connects parent volunteers with volunteer opportunities
Reflections Program Wenyan Zhou The Reflections Program is a National PTA and WSPTA cultural arts competition. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for students to use their creative talents by expressing themselves through their own original works. Committee promotes and executes program at IS.
WSPTA Game Development Competition Program OPEN The Game Development Competition Program is a STEM based WSPTA program. Teams in the ISPTSA computer club use their creatives talents to express themselves by developing a computer game using a theme. The teams submit their game in March to be judged.
ISPTSA Student Scholarship OPEN  
Communications Committees      
VP Communications Jennifer Li Oversees Communications committee chairs, ensure regular and constant communications between ISPTSA and community.
Monday Messenger Editor Jennifer Li Writes weekly newsletter that goes to International School community
Website Honglian Gao Updates and maintains the ISPTSA website
Directory Spot Jennifer Li Manages school directory annually. Skill with Excel required.
Bulletin Boards Melissa Richardson Updates and maintains the ISPTSA bulletin board located outside the school office.
Social Media Vera Ho Updates the ISPTSA Facebook page and monitors the group discussions. Shares information about ISPTSA events on relevant social media platforms.

Monday Messenger Liaisons

Reads assigned newsletters and checks assigned websites regularly to identify any relevant events or opportunities for our students and families. Submits relevant information to the editor to be added to the next Monday Messenger (our weekly newsletter).

Bellevue High School

Catherine Fan  

Newport High School

Emilie Castle  

Sammamish High School

Jenny Lin   

Interlake High School

Hui Zhao  

Bellevue School District

Anna Zhang  

Bellevue PTSA Council

Anna Zhang  

Washington State PTA


National PTA



Qiong Chen

Thyda Tsai


Monday Messenger Proofreaders

Help proofread the Monday Messenger before it is published.

Proofreader 1

David Cook  

Proofreader 2

Amanda Johnson  

Proofreader 3

Judy Cam  

Proofreader 4

Nate Bloch  

Proofreader 5

Angelika Koch-Leibmann  

Proofreader 6

Emilie Castle  
Financial Committees      
Budget Committee Amanda Johnson Committee will review the ISPTSA annual budget and make recommendations for ongoing budget based on expenses, budgetary requests and income. Meets 2-3 times per school year.
Financial Review Committee  Amanda Johnson Committee will perform a financial review of the ISPTSA financial records twice a year per a WSPTA checklist (not an audit). Meets once in January and once in July/August
Community Committees      
Co-VPs Community
Maggie Lo
Anjum Anwar Recruits committee chairs, oversees community committee activities and events
Finance Club
Qiong Chen
Qiang Zeng A club for high school students and their families to learn about personal finance, budgeting, saving, investing, and other aspects of financial management.
Gen Mem Mtg\ Dinner OPEN   Organizes the food and beverages for the free dinner offered as part of the first PTSA general meeting of the school year with help from volunteers
Staff Appreciation OPEN Coordinate monthly Staff Appreciation activities that are run by each grade and other community members. Once a year order and deliver Brown Bear car wash tickets to all IS staff.
Campus Improvement Co-Chairs
OPEN Renew IS campus yearly, typically in May. Outside work; Inner courtyard, planting areas, power-wash sidewalks, specific clean-up in interior areas. This event is open to the whole family. Committee meets once a year to determine areas of need. Meets with Administration to determine the areas to focus on.  
5th Grade BBQ Parent Welcome OPEN   Organizes parent portion of the incoming 6th grade BBQ, including speakers and coffee for incoming 6th grade parents.
Senior Board Day Judges Luncheon OPEN   Organizes a luncheon on Senior Board Day for the judges, alumni, adult volunteers, and IS staff.
Community and Culture OPEN   Promote community building and an IS culture of inclusion and connection for parents and students.
Parent Representatives

Parent representatives organize grade level parent social events, help organize the parents to support staff appreciation and membership and act as another channel of information about ISPTSA.

* attend tailgate in the fall and get to know parents in their grade
* organize grade level parent social events (2-3 times a year)
* organize a 30-min parent social before school grade-level parent night (once a year)
* help organize the parents to support staff appreciation (once a year)
* act as another channel of information about ISPTSA (such as auction)
* help support graduating class:
-- 6th Grade Families:  Host box lunch for seniors on Senior Project Board Day and light dinner for Senior Celebration Rehearsal.
-- 7th and 11th Grade Families:  Host Graduation Reception following the Commencement ceremony.
-- 8th and 9th Grade Families:  Host Senior Celebration Dessert Reception. This event is held prior to graduation at an off-campus site with special recognition for each graduating senior.
-- 10th Grade Families:  Host light catered lunch the day of Graduation Rehearsal and snacks prior to Graduation. 
6th Grade Parent Rep Kai Gao
6th Grade Parent Rep Donald Wang
7th Grade Parent Rep Yue Mai
7th Grade Parent Rep Jin Xu
8th Grade Parent Liaison OPEN
8th Grade Parent Liaison OPEN
9th Grade Parent Liaison  OPEN
9th Grade Parent Liaison Jenny Lin
10th Grade Parent Liaison Renuka Getchell
10th Grade Parent Liaison Angelika Koch-Leibmann
11th Grade Parent Liaison Dena Voth
11th Grade Parent Liaison Nisha Nathani
11th Grade Parent Liaison Anindita Banerjee
12th Grade Parent Liaison Sophia Cheng
12th Grade Parent Liaison Courtney Stanton
Senior Committee
Plan and fundraise for all senior activities, especially those surrounding graduation.







Senior Committee Co-Chairs Emilie Castle Swati Parekh
Senior Committee Member Sophia Cheng  
Senior Committee Member Courtney Stanton  
Senior Committee Member    
Senior Committee Member    
Senior Committee Member    

Please note that email addresses for open positions may go unanswered. If you need something from an open position please contact the VP in charge of it. If you are unsure who to contact, please email