Oct 18
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ISPTSA Executive Committee 2020-2021 

President: Azfar Moazzam 
Secretary: Ann Ross-Clarke
Treasurer 1: Tony Wang
Treasurer 2: Zena Heywood
VP of CommunicationsOPEN
VP of Community: Melissa Richardson
VP of Fundraising: Emilie Castle
VP of Outreach: Beverly Ni
We are still lacking key volunteers who are needed to keep things running smoothly and continue supporting our school community in the way we've all come to appreciate.
We need you now! PLEASE?
  • VP Communications
  • Advocacy, Committee Chair
  • Grants, Committee Chair
  • and many other positions, just ask how you can help!
And, remember, you can co-VP or co-Chair with someone else!
If you are ready to volunteer or just have questions, please contact





Did you know that the ISPTSA is now accepting proposals for grants from IS teachers, staff, students, and parents to fund programs, supplies, and activities which enhance and enrich student learning? Last year alone, the Grants Program funded $12,000 in proposals meeting this criteria. Each semester the ISPTSA makes this program available to support ideas not otherwise funded. With the grant proposal submission process currently underway for this semester, you can RAISE THE TORCH to encourage learning and engagement at IS with a donation to the Fall Fundraiser today.
The ISPTSA Grants program is another example of how your donation to the ISPTSA comes to life through meaningful student experiences at IS! All donations to the Fall Fundraiser you give today are tax-deductible and 100% goes back to the IS community. To see a more robust list of what your donation will support, please click here.
We invite all families to participate in this campaign, because your contribution—no matter the amount—makes a difference! We ALL benefit from the community, academic excellence, and reputation our students were fortunate to join. This is our chance to give back and benefit from that legacy.  
Choose a support level that works for you: Gold $500, Silver $250, Bronze $100, or define your own amount. For those families who can, we ask you to consider becoming a Titan Torch supporter with a donation of $1,000 or more. 
All donations to the Fall Fundraiser you give today are tax-deductible and 100% goes back to the IS community.
Prefer to write a check? Fill out this donation form and mail it to the ISPTSA. 
Questions? Please contact  
Thank you for your consideration!
Go Titans!


Thank you to the 144 parents, teachers, and students who have joined ISPTSA so far. Our goal is 583 members, and we are just shy of 25% of the way there, so become a community supporter.  
Last year we were the only high school in Washington with 100% PTSA membership. Can you believe that? Students can join too; everybody counts toward our goal. Did you know we have more than 17 students as members? Encourage your student’s teacher to join, and thank them for supporting ISPTSA if they have!
Our Annual Membership listing showing our support for our ISPTSA community will be in the October 4 Monday Messenger. Join now to get your name on the list. 



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Share ideas and ask questions. Keep up-to-date on school, district, and community events and information.
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With recommendations from several other Bellevue schools and sports teams, the ISPTSA uses the opt-in service via to send day-before reminder texts for events. 

Simply sign up here and provide your phone number to receive texts. There's no need to download the app, unless you prefer to, and you can leave the service anytime, if you don't find it useful. 

Sample text: "PTSA General Meeting & Pasta Dinner, tomorrow night 10/10 at 6:00pm. See you there!" would be scheduled to go out on 10/9 at 10:00 AM.

Concerned about privacy? Click here.

Questions? Contact



Coming Soon

The 2020-2021 ISPTSA Directory should be available by mid-October. Stay tuned!

*Note: we get directory information from Bellevue School District's Synergy/ParentVUE system. If we don't have your data, it's likely that either you chose to be exempt from inclusion in directory listings, or you have not completed the online student data verification process.



Volunteer Opportunities
See How You Can Help Out


IS and the ISPTSA are currently seeking the following volunteers:
  • On-call Volunteers, current school year