IS PTSA Mission and Goals


To create and foster opportunities that enrich and support International School students, staff, parents and community.


  • Inspire
    • Support and/or provide meaningful programs for IS students, parents, staff and community.
    • Be purposeful in PTSA Fundraising
    • Promote mission and spirit of International School
  • Inform
    • Improve communications about ISPTSA meetings, programs, grants and advocacy issues.
    • Advocate within and beyond IS community to support International School mission and public education in general.
  • Include
    • Expand the number of ISPTSA volunteers and volunteer opportunities.
    • Make it easier to engage in PTSA programs and activities.
    • Facilitate engagement in PTSA programs and activities.
    • Appreciate and value PTSA volunteers.
    • Create opportunities to foster social connections and cultural awareness.
    • Promote and maintain membership so that every student is represented by an ISPTSA member.
    • Create a culture of inclusivity.