The 2023-2024 ISPTSA Directory is Live!

Directoryspot logo International School Directory 

The 2023-2024 ISPTSA Directory is online via the DirectorySpot app, available for iPhones and Android devices. You will also be able to access the directory from your computer at or click on the logo or International School Directory links above.

Download Instructions
 1. Download the DirectorySpot app by going to your app store and searching "DirectorySpot" or by clicking on the appropriate link here:
        iPhone -
        Android -
 2. Launch DirectorySpot, enter your email address as your Username, and click on "Reset Password."
 3. Click on the link in your email to set your password, relaunch the DirectorySpot app, and login with your username and password.
 1. Go to and click on "Login" in the upper right hand corner.
 2. Enter your email address as your Username, and click on "Reset Password." An email will be sent to you with a link to set your password.
 3. Click on the link in your email to set your password and login.
Note – if downloading to an iPad, just search for “iPhone apps” and you will find DirectorySpot.

Make sure to check out all the features, such as the auto dial when you click on a phone number, or the auto launching of maps when you click on an address. If you hold down the cell phone number, you will get an option to send a text or call the number (iPhone only). DirectorySpot will create an email if you click on someone's email address.

Some reasons why DirectorySpot is useful and you should have it on your phone or computer:

  • Your student needs to do a group project at a friend's house: address in DirectorySpot
  • You need to contact school Attendance: phone/email in DirectorySpot
  • You want to send an email to a teacher or administrator: email from DirectorySpot
  • You wonder who are in your student's class: downloadable PDF by grade

Frequently Asked Questions

I am having trouble logging in? If you are getting an error message such as "Username Not Found", this means you are currently not an authorized user. Please email so that we can set you up. Note: the ISPTSA gets directory information from Bellevue School District's Synergy/ParentVUE system. If we don't have your data, it's likely that either you chose to be exempt from inclusion in directory listings, or you have not completed the online student data verification process. 

My password link expired on the email? Launch DirectorySpot, enter your email address as your Username, and click on "Reset Password." You will be sent a new password.

I missed the email for DirectorySpot, do I need another?  No, as an authorized user, just click on the links and sign in.

What other information is in the app?  There are five tabs across the top of the app:

[Students] student contact information
[Teachers/Staff/PTSA] teacher/staff/ISPTSA board member email addresses
[PTSA Links] links to the Monday Messenger archive and the ISPTSA website
[Calendar] ISPTSA calendar
[Notifications] We will not send notifications

Can I see all the students/families just in a specific grade?  Yes, but only on the website. Log in, click on "Grade Search," and filter for the grade you wish to view using the drop-down.

Is it secure? DirectorySpot is secure and only allows authorized users to access our directory information. They make money from subscriptions, so are not selling any users' information. You can read more about security from DirectorySpot here.

Does the ISPTSA or DirectorySpot sell my information? No, please see the disclaimer at the bottom of the screen, but Directory information is only for personal use and cannot be used for any commercial, political, or ideological use.

Who can access the DirectorySpot app? Only parents and staff of International School will be granted access.

How do I correct my families information? In order to keep information as current as possible, we have enabled users to edit their family information. After logging in to the website, click on the My Account button, and choose my profile. This will bring up your family's information that you can edit. More information can be found here. If you do update your information on DirectorySpot, please remember to let the school know as well.

Why an online/application directory? The 2017-18 board decided to offer an online solution for convenience, improved communication, and efficiency. The DirectorySpot app allows most members of the community to have access to contact information for all members of the community when they need it, on their smartphones or via the website. Using an online solution, we have been able to get the directory out several weeks earlier than in previous years. We also have the ability to include links to information such as Monday Messenger and As directory information is occasionally changing, an online solution allows families to keep their information up to date. The printed directory was sometimes out of date as soon as it was printed. In addition, the DirectorySpot app is a more affordable solution than printing hundreds of copies of the directory. 

Is there a paper version? The ISPTSA will not be printing and delivering paper copies of the directory. DirectorySpot has a downloadable PDF feature that can be accessed from the website, you can then print copies from your own computer.

Can I opt-out? If you would like to "opt out" of the app and NOT have your family information included, please send an email to and put "opt out directory" in subject line and your family name. The data and users in the app can be updated at anytime throughout the year, so you can always opt out or opt back in later. 

Do the app and the website have different features? The website has a richer set of features including the ability to search by grade and download printable PDFs.

Does the school pay for DirectorySpot? No, DirectorySpot is paid for by ISPTSA members through their membership fees and donations. If you have not joined the ISPTSA and are enjoying the use of the directory, please consider joining and supporting this program as well as many others the ISPTSA provides. 

Is there an app for the Windows Phone? There is not currently an application for the Windows phone. Windows phone users can access the site from their browser or computer. DirectorySpot may not be aware of the demand for a Windows phone solution. You can contact them directly here.

Do other schools in Bellevue use DirectorySpot?  Yes, other schools in Bellevue School District do use DirectorySpot. If you are a member of a group or school that also uses DirectorySpot, you can access all of your directories with one login. They automatically add a directories tab for you to switch back and forth between each of your schools' or groups' directories.


Information contained in the directories, newsletters or membership lists published by the International School PTSA may not be used for purposes of solicitation either commercially, politically or ideologically or any other purpose not consistent with the Washington Congress of Parents and Teachers by laws. The International School PTSA is not responsible for the accuracy of the directory. All the information we publish was given to us voluntarily for the purpose of facilitating communications and community purposes. This information may not be duplicated elsewhere.