New to International School?

Welcome! Here are some helpful information for new families. Let us know if you can't find what you need.


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Check out Bellevue School District's page, especially the FAQ (PDF) and make sure you understand your financial responsibilities if your student's laptop was damaged or missing components. The stylus pens are easy to get lost and replacement fees can add up quickly!
If your student is having trouble remembering where to go, at what time, on which day (or even if you are confused about how it works), try filling out this handy schedule with class, room, and teacher info.
Which Wednesday is odd or even? Schedule here.
Check out the BSD lunch menu here, and remember that because IS is a combined high school and middle school, our cafeteria only offers the high school menu (at the high school price).
Set up school lunch payments at PayPAMS.
Drop-off and pickup are very busy times in our small lot, and our number one concern is the safety of your children. Please respect these rules:
  • Stay out of the bus lane at all times. We need to keep the Metro & Safe Lanes clear from car traffic at all times per our agreement with Metro Transit which allows us to maintain service to International School.
  • Be courteous and allow vehicles—alternating from the north and south—to enter from 128th Avenue S.E.
  • Leaving just 10 minutes earlier in the morning can have a significant impact on how long you wait in line to drop-off. Students can also help with traffic flow by ensuring they have all of the items they need for school ready to go upon approaching the drop-off zone.
  • Do not cut through the permitted parking area during morning drop-off.
  • Do not allow your child to exit your vehicle on 128th Avenue S.E. Allowing your child to jaywalk across the southbound lane is especially dangerous.
  • International School uses Metro Transit services for student transportation to and from school. Help to decrease unnecessary traffic at drop-off and pickup by using the bus services. Transit information can be found here.
  • Parking is very limited at IS. Please only park in the visitor spots located directly in front of the school. All other spots are assigned to staff and students. Please do not park in any assigned spots before and during school hours, even if you plan on only being in the school a minute. If there are no spots, you will need to find a legal spot to park on the street. The streets closest to the school are permit-parking only.
Thank you for driving carefully! More info here.