Senior Project Board Day 

Wednesday June 12th, 2019
To facilitate a successful event, the school schedule on June 12th will be modified and grades 9-11 will be dismissed early at 12:15 PM. Middle schoolers will be dismissed as usual at 1:40 PM.  All students need to leave campus immediately upon dismissal
Here’s an overview of the timeline:
8:15 AM—3rd Period
9:15 AM—Middle schoolers leave campus; high schoolers remain in 3rd period
9:25 AM—5th Period
10:30 AM—Lunch; Seniors move their cars to Wilburton Park
11:10 AM—7th Period for grades 9-11
11:20 AM—Seniors take shuttle from Wilburton to International School
11:25 AM—Seniors report to Gym
12:15 PM—EARLY DISMISSAL for grades 9-11
4:15 PM—Seniors dismissed after cleaning up

What is a Senior Project?
Please check out the Senior Project website for details.
What is Senior Project Board Day?
This is the culminating activity of Senior Project. It is day full of real-world excitement and anxiety. Seniors put on professional attire and explain what they have been up to the past several months. 
Students reflect on their project and create a 10-minute speech about their experience. In front of a group of three judges, they talk about creating their goals, obstacles, successes, areas of growth, their presentations, etc. They can use their posters as visual aids. After the student's speech, the judges are able to ask questions. Just like during the advisory panel, the judges have experience in the field. This experience makes it possible for them to assess what the senior wanted to get out of the project and how well they succeeded in getting there. The judges confer at the end, and each comes up with a score for the senior. These scores become a grade for the student.
The ISPTSA proudly supports the Senior Project Board Day by providing a delicious & nutritious lunch to our senior students, our school staff and teachers, and the volunteer judges (three judges per student).