To say thank you to our amazing staff here at International School, The ISPTSA, with the help of every class, puts on Staff Appreciation Luncheons throughout the year.



Thanks to all of the 7th-grade families who supported and contributed to the Teacher and Staff Appreciation Luncheon on February 8. It was a wonderful event that showed how grateful we are to our teachers and staff. They help us build a warm, loving, and caring community for our kids to thrive in! Questions? Contact



Thank you to our Chinese families for hosting the 22nd International School Lunar New Year Staff Appreciation Luncheon on January 25. This tradition started in 2001 before our current students were born. It was 100% attended and a delightful community-building event. Thank you to the families who contributed to the party and thank you to the teachers and staff who make this school a great place for our children!

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The 11th-grade class hosted a Mexican food-themed staff appreciation lunch on Wednesday, December 14.



Wow! The 8th-grade families contributed to an amazing spread for the Thanksgiving Staff Appreciation Luncheon last Tuesday, November 22. It's an expression of how thankful we are for our International School staff and teachers. A great success, many thanks to the 8th-Grade Families that contributed time and food! Questions? Email Yuting Zhu, Co-VP of Community.



With Curriculum Night on Thursday, September 29 beginning only a few hours after the end of the school day, many teachers remained at the school until the event. Emilie Castle and Irene Endow prepared a pasta dinner for teachers and staff, which they appreciated. Thank you! For questions, email Qiong Chen, VP of Community.